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Who We Are

Who we are:

  • Community Minded

  • People focused

  • Centered around the word of God


Multicultural Ministry

  • Make prayer the common denominator.   "Prayer is the heating pad for a congregation of love.”


  • Create an atmosphere of hospitality.  “We shower them with warmth:  hugs, smiles, and pats on the back.  We give gifts and food as they leave.”


  • Study the culture of the community and the cultural nuances within the community.

         Be involved and care for the people.


  • Respect and celebrate the differences of the cultures.  “We create unity by how we see the diversity.”


  • Serve outside the walls of the church.  The Gospels of Mark and Matthew instructs believers to “Go and make Disciples”.   We are called to be a hands-on church seeking the  unchurched  with contemporary methods.  We are much like modern-day

        fisherman using new technologies.

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