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Invite 4-11-21 2nd Sunday of Easter John

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Weekly Inspiration

John 20: 29 (NIV)

29 Then Jesus told him, "Because you have seen me, you have believed, blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed."


You never know when you’re doing the Lord’s work when and how it could impact someone else’s life. When it does, God gets all the glory! This is truly a testimony!

Brian thank you for all that you do! We love and appreciate you!

“I feel so blessed to work with The Place Church. Just tonight, as I was finishing up the service and God spoke to me through Alfred’s song. My van broke down this week and that has made me very anxious. After working all day today to install a new water pump I felt so good that I had accomplished this task. Then I took the van for a test drive and only find when I get back home and see my radiator leaking and smoking. Now I have to replace the radiator as well. My old body is taking a toll.

I was just sitting here editing, feeling down that there is more mechanic work I have to do, and here comes Alfred’s song. It really spoke to me and calmed me down. I do know my soul is anchored in the Lord. He gives me so much strength especially in times of storms. It gave me so much comfort to hear the song. I feel so much better. So, thank you Alfred, Arnetta and The Place Church. I am blessed to be a small part in your ministry.” – Brian Bingham

(regarding 10/18/2020 online service)

Article - Means of Grace: Meet Our Church Planters

Press Play

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Pastor Rivens interview.

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