The Season of Lent - The Place Church

LENT is a solemn religious observance in the Christian liturgical calendar commemorating the 40 days Jesus spent fasting in the desert, according to the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, before beginning his public ministry, during which he endured temptation by Satan.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and ends approximately six weeks later; depending on the Christian denomination and local custom, Lent concludes either on the evening of Maundy Thursday, or at sundown on Holy Saturday, when the Easter Vigil is celebrated. Regardless, Lenten practices are properly maintained until the evening of Holy Saturday. In Eastern Churches, whether Eastern Orthodox, Eastern Lutheran, or Eastern Catholic, Lent ends at noon of Holy Saturday.

During the Lent season The Place Church is studying the book Expanding the Expedition through Community Connection, authored by Rev. Dan Pezet. The 40 days of Lent ties to Christ’s wilderness experience. The Place Church is expanding the expedition providing 40 days to expand the ministry.

Join us during Lent for this Bible Study each Tuesday at 7 PM via ZOOM. Click “Contact The Place”, complete the message requesting the ZOOM and/or conference dial in information.

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