• Pastor Charlie Rivens

PRESS ON - James 1:2-4

Are you facing a difficult situation right now? It could be the catalyst for something great in your life. Is there another name more synonymous with children, entertainment, and fun than Walt Disney? Generations of kids have grown up with such iconic animated characters as Donald Duck, Snow White, and Pluto. But most people are unaware of the obstacles that stood in the way of Disney’s dream of developing an animation studio. His first attempt barely got off the ground before ending in bankruptcy. Then Walt Disney moved to Hollywood where he found initial success with the creation of the character Oswald the Rabbit. The series was popular, but, once again, Disney lost everything. He discovered the distributor of Oswald the Rabbit not only owned the rights to the character but had secretly hired Walt’s entire animation staff out from under him to produce the series for less money. Discouraged, but refusing to give up, Disney went to work creating a new character, this one based on an “adopted pet” in his studio – a mouse. That day, Mickey Mouse was born, and the rest, as they say, is history. Think of what the world would have lost if Walt Disney had not pressed on. Who knows what the world may lose if you don’t continue forward with the plans God has for your life and the dreams He has placed within you. Especially in these uncertain economic times, adversity is all around us, but if we stay strong, trust in the Lord, and follow His leading, our greatest moments may be just on the other side of that next obstacle. Holy Bible App.


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