• Pastor Charlie Rivens


Do you need a radical change in your life? There’s a reason such moments are called “breakthroughs.” It usually implies there are challenges through which you have to persevere to find victory on the other side. In the early decades of flight, pushing an aircraft past the speed of sound was considered impossible by many engineers and pilots. As planes approached the sound barrier, shockwaves shook the aircraft violently, often to the point that the pilot was unable to maintain control, and the aircraft itself could not withstand the intense vibration. Despite design improvements to the aircraft, the shuddering continued to challenge pilots’ will to push forward. But an interesting change occurred once the plane finally broke through the sound barrier: the shockwaves disappeared, and the plane flew without so much as a bump. Many people struggle with personal sound barriers that keep them from breaking through to a new and better life God may have for them. They may sense the Lord leading them in a particular direction in life, but along the way difficulties challenge their commitment and willingness to persevere. Finances, family struggles, work-related problems, and other matters wear them down until they give up entirely on what God has called them to do. True, some circumstances, like illness, may make it necessary to temporarily set plans aside. But people often give up because the challenge of walking the path God has called them to is inconvenient or uncomfortable. That’s why breaking through to greater things starts with building a foundation of support from family and friends. Then we just have to trust in God’s direction and stick with it. Holy Bible App


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