• Pastor Charlie Rivens


I am sometimes at pains to emphasise how God’s grace abounds for sinners (cf. Romans 5:20), but in the instance before us we see how God’s grace also continues to abound for a woman who is already a “disciple”. Doctor Luke, the author of Acts, is at pains to make sure that his Hebrew and Greek readers all understand the meaning of the patient’s name: “Tabitha, which is translated Dorcas” - which we in our turn may translate as “Gazelle”: a graceful kind of antelope. This name fits, because the fruit of God’s grace was seen in her “good works and charitable deeds which she did” (Acts 9:36; cf. Ephesians 2:10).

Here we have another miracle that God allowed Peter to perform, for the confirming of the gospel, and which exceeded the former—the raising of Tabitha to life when she had been for some time dead. Here is, The life, and death, and character of Tabitha, on whom this miracle was brought to light, Acts 9:36, 37. Gods Grace!


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