• Pastor Charlie Rivens

Free - Romans 3:24-26; Ephesians 2:8

We all like things that come to us for free and we don’t have to pay for them. It’s a gift, like a birthday present. When you think about the word “grace,” think about a gift. It is God’s gift to the human race. It is unmerited favor. To put it more comprehensively, grace is the inexhaustible supply of God’s goodness, giving to us what we do not deserve, could never earn, and would never be able to repay. The wonderful thing about grace is that it is free, and because this free gift is so awesome and so available to all who will receive it, you ought to be thankful for the provision of God’s magnificent grace.

You know, we all have birthday parties and we either go to them or people come to ours, and isn’t it exciting when somebody brings a gift and you have to receive it but you don’t really earn it? You’re simply being given a gift because you were born. Well, when you are born again it comes as a gift. God freely bestows on us the favor that He now can give because of what His Son has already done.

So, while grace is free to us, it was costly to God, because it cost Him the life of His own precious Son and His sacrifice on the cross. Your motivation for spiritual life ought to be that you appreciate the expensive gift at high cost to God, at no cost to you, because of His magnificent grace. Holy Bible App.


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