• Pastor Charlie Rivens

Do I Understand How Big God Is? - Isaiah 40:25-31; John 14:12-14

God always wants more for us than we want for ourselves.

Jesus said we would do greater things than He did. If we believe Jesus is who He says He is, and we take Him at His word, why shouldn’t we expect to see the things that happened in Scripture happen in our time? Why wouldn’t we believe God can start and grow a movement like the church the same way He did in the book of Acts? What’s stopping us from asking God to transform entire communities? Why can’t we believe God will perform modern day miracles?

Most of the time, our biggest obstacle is us. Maybe we’ve stopped dreaming. Or, maybe we’re refusing to share our dreams out loud because we fear that God’s reputation might be at stake. God’s reputation is fine. It’s our reputation as leaders that we fear taking a hit. The dreams in our hearts were planted by God who loves us!

God is so much bigger than our greatest fears or obstacles! It’s good to celebrate the past, but that should never stop us from anticipating the future.

The day we stop following the dreams God has put in us is the day we allow ourselves to go into cruise control. When our biggest desire starts to shift from seeing God do great things to making everyone as comfortable as possible, we know we’re losing sight of how big God is.

Fight the urge to maintain the status quo. Instead, do everything possible to advance the cause God placed in your heart. Stay focused on what could be rather than what has been.   Holy Bible App.


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