• Pastor Charlie Rivens

Desiring The Gift Of The Holy Spirit! - 1 Corinthians 12:7-11

Not only does the new man created by accepting Jesus Christ as savior has dominion and power, the new man has wisdom, authority, boldness and confidence. God made these spiritual gifts for His children, He doesn’t need any of these gifts in heaven, in fact there’s no sick person who would require a gift of healing or prophesy or wisdom in heaven. Every gift is there for our use, God certainly has no intention of withholding them from us. They were all made to help us live His will When we create the hunger for things that are righteous in the sight of God,  and our purpose for seeking those righteous things is to help grow the church of God spiritually and numerically, then the Lord will grant our desires. It's a remarkable thing to possess the gift of the Holy Spirit. If you have a heart for serving people, you would be absolutely delighted when the Lord uses you to bring joy to people who come your way. There are 9 spiritual gifts readily available for any child of God who is thirsty, hungry and desires for them. How do you feel when you see sick people? Do you pray for them? Do you desire to have the wisdom and knowledge of the Bible so you can help your church grow? If you see yourself hunger after righteousness then it's time to seek the gift of the Holy Spirit which is given to those who fervently ask the Lord. Amen. Holy Bible App.


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