• Pastor Charlie Rivens


Do you feel like the dreams you had for your life have died? It can be a painful circumstance to face, but you can’t give up. You just have to keep your heart open to other dreams. Years ago, there was a boy named Pearl Grey who had big ambitions. He spent his childhood competing in summer baseball and dreamed of one day playing in the major leagues. By the time he reached college, he’d honed his skills enough to receive a full scholarship. Once he graduated, he even played in the minor leagues. But just as it appeared his dream was coming to life, it died. He never got a chance to play in the major leagues. But in the wake of that disappointment came a rebirth. Pearl decided to pursue another passion – writing. With the same discipline he’d given to baseball, he honed his craft. Before long, his second dream took hold, and he started using his middle name. The former baseball hopeful, became the most successful Western author in American history – Zane Grey. Dreams fill our lives with hope and passion. But the death of a dream can be painful and disorienting. That’s why people often avoid them and settle for less than they’re capable of achieving. There’s no question that climbing out of the ashes of one dream to set our sights on another takes a deep reliance on God’s grace, but it’s worth the new horizons we’ll discover. Holy Bible App.


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