• Pastor Charlie Rivens

A System to Create - Genesis 1:1-9;27-31; Genesis 2:1-3; 1 Corinthians 12:12-20

Think of a problem at work, on your team, in your home, or in your life that just keeps coming back. You might think you have a quality control, customer service, wrong people, or messy house problem, but it’s probably caused by a systems problem.

As leaders, we tend to blame the people downstream for our problems when the real problem is the systems upstream.

Maybe you’re thinking, “well we don’t really have systems,” or “we’re more relational; we don’t really need systems.” Respectfully, you have systems. Your system might be to start the day checking emails, handling problems as they come to you, and then going home stressed out. But that’s a system.

You have systems by intent or by default, but either way, you have them. And the systems you have are either a result of what you’ve created or what you’ve tolerated. So, if you want a better outcome, start by creating a better system.

In the first chapter of the Bible, the world was formless, and God said, “let there be light.” Then He went on to separate day from night, earth from sky, land from water, birds from fish, and so on. You might notice God handles specific systems together and doesn’t move on until He thinks it’s good. Finally, God created humans and gave them directions for caring for it all— including a system of resting once a week.

Creation was initiated with a system. The Apostle Paul calls the Church one body with many parts all functioning with intentional and important purposes. That’s a system. A system with the ultimate leader—Jesus.

Like the world, like the Church, like your own body, your life is full of systems. Healthy systems never happen by accident. They are created on purpose.

What system do you need to create to get the results you want?

Consider: Have I made Jesus the leader of my ultimate system—my life? What tensions am I facing, and what systems would solve them? Holy Bible App.


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