• Pastor Charlie Rivens

A Relationship to Initiate - Acts 9:1-9;17-19; Acts 9:26-31; Romans 8:1-10

We started this Bible Plan by deciding to put the who before the do. If you want to change who you are, you’re going to need to change who you’re with.

The Apostle Paul, who’s responsible for writing most of the New Testament, experienced one of the most dramatic life changes in the Bible. The change in his life was so epic that he even got his name changed from Saul to Paul.

Saul hated Christians and wanted them dead. Paul loved Christians for the rest of his life. Saul despised Jesus followers and traveled to hunt them down. Paul met Jesus on the road and traveled to make Him known. Saul spent time with religious people trying to work his way to God. Paul spent his time with broken people letting God work His way in Paul.

First, Paul met Jesus who showed him the light. Then he met Ananias who helped him find new strength and see clearly (literally). Then he met Barnabas, who stood up for Paul and introduced him to the Church’s key leaders when they were still afraid of him. The list goes on and today Paul is probably one of the most effective leaders in history.

Like Paul, you may be one relationship away from changing the course of your destiny. When it comes to spending time with others, don’t just respond to the people who ask. Initiate time with people who stretch you, push you, and even confuse you.

Learn from Paul and meet with someone you criticize. We often judge what we don’t understand. Don’t just meet with people your age, in your field, or with similar experience. Are you stuck? Find someone a few steps ahead of you. If you’re 30, meet with a 40-year-old and ask them how they think differently now from when they were 30.

Come prepared to listen a lot, ask great questions, and follow good examples. Don’t just copy what others do, but learn how they think.

Finally, if you haven’t yet initiated a relationship with Jesus, you may be one relationship away from changing the course of your destiny. I know that’s been true for me. The last Scripture of today’s reading is the Apostle Paul’s description of what that can look like.

Talk to God: God, You know who You made me to be. Can You help me see who I need to meet? Give me the wisdom and strength to follow through with the right relationships. Holy Bible App


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