• Pastor Charlie Rivens

A Person to Empower - Luke 6:12-16; Matthew 18:16-20

One of the first things Jesus did in His three years of public work on earth was find people to empower. He found 12, but you’re not Jesus, so maybe start with one?

If you don’t empower others, here’s a promise—you will become a lid on the work you’re doing. Your work doesn’t succeed by what you do; your work succeeds by who you empower.

If Jesus, the Son of God, relied on people to get things done, we’re not likely to build something great alone. Build people and together you’ll build something great.

Yesterday we talked about having the courage to stop. You might even need to stop important tasks you enjoy. If you have a report, a task, or an upcoming project, consider delegating it. If someone can do something 50 percent as well as you with potential to develop, delegate and watch them grow.

Jesus’ first big move was to find people to empower and His last action on earth was to delegate some of His most important work to all of His followers. We usually call it The Great Commission, and last I checked, it’s working.

What can you give away? Who can you give it to? How will you develop and train them?

When you empower the right people, they feel valued, they grow in their leadership, you can focus elsewhere, and whatever you’re leading will become stronger. You can have control over your work, or you can have growth, but you can’t have both. Who will you empower?

Talk to God: God, thank You for trusting me to lead some of Your people. Who should I be empowering? What should I be empowering them to do? Holy Bible App.


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